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Who am I?

Hi I'm Rachel and I'm currently residing on the sunny island of Singapore. I just graduated in July 2019 with a degree Majoring in Psychology and a Minor in Drama and Performance. Yeah and you might be thinking... what is a fresh undergraduate with a Psychology degree doing with a book? Well, whilst my friends and peers were finding and accepting job offers, I decided to take the really unconventional route of pursuing a gap year for self-discovery and exploration.

How did this book come about?

I had always dreamed of writing a book since I was young, and this dream continued to persist especially during my final year of university. I dabbled back and forth with a few topics and love was one of them. In my conversations with people during the start of my gap year, I realised that love was this common topic that everyone experienced - a crush, an infatuation, a relationship, a partner, a bad breakup, and so on. I realised that whatever love is portrayed on the tv screen and in books is nothing like what people experience in real life. It's so much more than that, and there's not always going to be that happy ending. So I started to write and from one word became a hundred to thousands of words, and from that transpired a book.


Why am I doing this?

I didn't write this book because I'd thought it would be cool or anything of that sort. I wrote this book because I truly believe it'll connect and relate to people in one way or another, because you'll know that you're not alone. Yeah of course it sucks when your heart gets crushed or when you'd just been dumped by your partner, but let me tell you this, everything will be ok. Because at the end of the day, it's most important to love yourself.

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